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How to run Delphi apps on Docker Linux with RadStudio 10.3.3

At last, Embarcadero has released some oficial Docker images to run Delphi apps. Another good news is that you will be able to debug linux applications running in a container.

As you know, since RadStudio 10.2 you can target Linux for Delphi applications. Two years ago I wrote about how to run those apps inside Docker containers with an image created by me. But with the official images is easier! Continue reading

Queries to JIRA from Power BI

To this day, the JIRA connector with Power BI, does not allow queries in JQL format to obtain data. It would be great to query what you want from Power BI to JIRA, right? I’ll tell you how to do it. Just follow this tutorial.

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Debugging Delphi applications inside a Windows Docker container

Hi there! Ever wondered how to deploy delphi applications inside a Windows Docker container? And how to debug them once they’re inside the container?  Search no more!  I will explain how to run a Windows Docker container with PAServer up and running, ready to debug your applications.

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Find bugs before they are born with Story Testing

Would you like to detect bugs even before they are written? It would be incredible to find bugs that are not “born” yet, while they still are in developer’s mind, right?  I’m going to explain you what Story Testing means for me, and how to apply this technique in the real world.

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How to build a continuous integration system using Jenkins and Docker

In this entry I will explain how to leverage Docker technology to build a continuous integration system that will monitor your source code repository, build your product, pass the tests, audit automatically the code with SonarQube and leave the binaries ready to download.

In a classic scenario we would have a few virtual machines doing all those tasks, but with Docker you can go to a scenario where we distribute the tasks in different containers instead of virtual machines, resulting in a much lighter environment, easier to scale and easier to migrate. Continue reading

Running Delphi Applications on Linux with Docker

Starting from Rad Studio 10.2 Tokyo it is possible to compile and run Linux server applications (without user interface). We are going to prepare a docker image with Ubuntu and everything necessary to run Delphi applications on Linux, via PAServer. With Docker we may deploy these applications in Linux containers to our production system.

The possibilities are immense, from setting up a universe of interconnected microservices for high availability and fault tolerance to monolithic applications. One of the advantages of using Docker is that we can prepare a base image (much lighter than using virtual machines) and deploy it as we need it.

Update!: If you are using 10.3.3 (Rio) read How to run Delphi apps on Docker Linux with RadStudio 10.3.3

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